Victor WEEK 5 Refutation Essay


ENG 122
Refutation Essay Assignment
For this assignment you will be writing a 2-3 page refutation
essay that addresses and refutes a viewpoint that opposes your
This essay must contain an introduction that engages the reader
and presents a thesis statement and a body that summarizes the
opposing views, makes concessions (if necessary), challenges the
opposing views, and presents a different perspective or new
approach if appropriate.
It must also contain a conclusion that restates the thesis and
looks to the future.
Remember to include transitions between sections as well as
between individual ideas within paragraphs.
This paper must utilize APA formatting and use at least 3
sources from the Opposing Viewpoints database, which can be
found through the Wilmington University library site.  
Examples of Refutation Arguments:
Why you disagree with a specific law.
Why you disagree with a specific political policy.
Why you disagree with rules being used by an organization,
company, or school.
Why you disagree with a specific approach to a project, job, or
Resources for this Assignment:

 Chapter 13 of
Argument Today
o  Possible structural patterns (page 261)
o  How to organize and draft your refutation (pages 266-
o  10 things you need to know about refutation writing
(page 270)

 Example refutation: pages 272-275 in
Argument Today

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