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Virtual Group Activity

The purpose of the Virtual Group Activity is for you to work in a group to develop a 1-2 page report listing best practices for a diversity plan for conducting business and managing employees in a global society. This report is due at the end of Module 11.

Your Virtual Group 

Check for your faculty member’s Announcement assigning you to a virtual group. Make sure you do this before you do anything else. You will be assigned to one virtual group for the remainder of the course. Your faculty member will also assign you a student number ranging from 1 to 5. Be sure to remember your group number and your student number.

What to Do in Your Virtual Group

As soon as you know your virtual group assignment (from the announcement), join your group by visiting the Course Materials folder and clicking on your group’s discussion area.


Your first assignment as a group is to select a group leader. At the end of Module 11, when the group activity ends, the leader will be responsible for compiling the best practices that the group members created for each of the 10 components of a diversity plan into a short (1-2 pages) report.

Once you have a group leader, use the chart below to work with other students in your group to create best practices for the components of a diversity plan that you’re assigned to.


Component of the Diversity Plan You’re Assigned to Work on

1 and 2

1 – Climate

3 and 4

2 – Timeline

5 and 1

3 – Advisors

2 and 3

4 – Investment

4 and 5

5 – Communication/Clarity of Vision

4 and 2

6 – People

5 and 2

7 – Accountability

1 and 3

8 – Metrics

1 and 4

9 – Training

5 and 3

10 – External Assessments

For example, Students 1 and 2 work on best practices for Component 1 – Climate, Students 2 and 3 work on best practices for Component 4 – Investment, and Students 4 and 5 work on best practices for Component 5 – Communication/Clarity of Vision.


The group leader is also a member of the group and so will work on components of the diversity plan just like other group members.

For descriptions of the 10 components of a diversity plan, see The Components of a Diversity Plan page in this module.

When you are finished with best practices for the components you’ve been assigned to, give them to your group leader.

The group leader should compile the best practices into a report. This report should list all the names of the group members at the top of the report. In addition, the names of the students who worked on each component should be listed next to that component. 

The Group Leader should submit the report to the Module 11 Written Assignment – Group Report page. 


Your final group report is due at the end of the Module 11.

Determining Your Grade

Your grade for the virtual group activity will be based on the group report.


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