Vision,Trust, Credibility, Honesty and Integrity, Competence

 For this final assignment, discuss the 5 servant-leadership principles and practices from both a professional and personal perspective: Vision Trust Credibility Honesty and Integrity Competence • From a professional standpoint, in your introduction provide a big-picture synthesis of servant leadership and organizational stewardship, exploring how they affect an organization’s culture and Human Resource strategy, and present how they can impact organizational development. • In additional sections, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of servant-leadership and stewardship practices by evaluating ways an organization can create a competitive advantage through adopting a servant-leadership philosophy and identifying obstacles that organizations may face when attempting to change their corporate culture. Provide your informed personal opinion on realistically implementing servant-leadership/organizational stewardship practices in your current organization. • From a personal perspective, select 5 attributes of servant-leadership attributes covered throughout the course, which you feel compelled or equipped to develop and enhance in order to implement them in your current or future professional role. (In this section please feel free to use material from your prior essays but please make any suggested corrections.) • Provide a comprehensive action plan which includes actions and resources needed to enhance these attributes in addition to discussing how you will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. • Provide a summary of leanings and actions and in your conclusion section please provide a summary of your key points, and discuss the long-term benefits of servant-leadership. Please include a conclusion. 1. This final paper should be no less than 16 pages long – excluding cover and reference pages. It must be double spaced, and conform to APA writing standards for structure, citations, grammar and spelling. 2. You should cite a minimum of 4 scholarly sources on your reference page. You may only use sources which you cite either through paraphrasing or by directly quoting in the text.

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