Visit the Web site of Site Selection Online (www.siteselection .com). What could a retailer learn from the two most recent issues of Site Selection Magazine? What Web site feature do you like best? Why?

Site selection for the retail store


Selecting a wrong location comes at a high cost

Realities of today’s operating environment: Slow growth, increased competition, loss of focus

Companies can measure ‘risk adjusted opportunity’ for each location by analyzing various indicators like expected footfall, etc.

Companies can measure ‘operating environment’ for each location by analyzing indicators related to infrastructure, access to talent and ease of business

By plotting the Risk-Adjusted Opportunity on the Y-Axis and Operating Environment on the X-Axis, and then populating the results locationwise, locations which offer the highest ROI and represent the greatest opportunity for business can be found.

The website feature that I like best is the way the content of online issues is organized. Clearly visible headings and short summaries enable the reader to decide which article or topic to read. There are no ads placed within the content. That makes the articles more easy to read

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