watch the netflix movie the platform

As a sociology student you should be able to understand why, I am asking you to watch this movie and write a critical analysis essay.

What do I mean by a sociological critical analysis essay?

First, one of the most direct paths to the sociological imagination is through writing.

The main task of every sociologist is to find out the reasons and motives, as well as the objective factors for the occurrence of a given social process. This type of analysis revolves around finding a principle or rule which appears to be fundamental for the group or community in question.

Writing a sociological analysis demands a good ability for observing a group of people in order to establish regularities or principles.


Describe what is movie about! You should demonstrate that you understand the goal of the movie’s director.

Interpret, discuss and compare the movie with your experience. You need to refer to serious theorists that may have studied the social behavior descried in the movie. Identify some of the quotations, behavior and terminologies utilized in the movie. How relevant is the topic and the message of the movie for our current social issues? Explain the conclusion.


Below you will see a link to help you how to write the essay.

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