week 10 discussion 39

Week 10 Discussion


Top of Form

“Presenting Your Business Idea”

Your business plan is now complete. Imagine you are in front of a group of investors to present your business idea and encourage them to invest in your company.

Create a brief presentation for this purpose.

Select a format:

  • PowerPoint with notes; no more than 10-12 slides (PLEASE DO THIS ONE)!!!!
  • Audio over PowerPoint
  • Video presentation over PowerPoint
  • Storytelling (video recording)

Check out the Shark Tank pitches for ideas on how to create a brief but compelling presentation of a business: https://abc.go.com/shows/shark-tank.

Bottom of Form

Be creative with your presentation ..


Top of Form

Your presentation should impress the investors and should be creative and interesting while including all the relevant information.

Check the sample presentation on page 343 in the textbook to learn more about what your presentation should include.

You will have include:

  • Title page– name of the company, your name
  • Outline of what you do
  • Target market
  • Market size – how big is the market/ industry your are focusing on/ growth
  • Competition– key competitors
  • Your management team– who runs your business, roles, and key skills
  • Business model– how will you make money with this business
  • Financials– key information
  • The funding you are seeking
  • Why investors should invest in your business

Additional notes:

Have fun!

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