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.After completing the reading and media for this week, please discuss the following set of questions:  In 600 words

Utilize feminist ethics to examine ONE of the applied ethics topics in the course.  To do this, briefly describe the core principles of feminist ethics by using at least one quote from any of the readings for this week.  Then, discuss how this core principle would view the applied ethics topic you have chosen.  Make sure that your post clearly identifies the core principle, and make sure that you only focus on one of the applied ethics topics.  It can be the topic you are using for your final paper, or it can be any of the topics examined in this course such as:  end of life care, drones, animal ethics, whistle-blowing, military virtues, environmental issue. 

To help focus your post, try to formulate a specific question and then answer it from the point of view of feminist ethics.  For example, what does a care ethic look like when applied to business or war?  What would be the best way to run a business from the perspective of feminist ethics?  How would a feminist ethic transform the way that the military functions or goes about fighting in wars? 

 The reading material is listed below:


Mosser, K. (2013). Understanding philosophy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.


  1.   Gilligan, C. (1982). In a different voice: Psychological theory and women’s development. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Retrieved from https://lms.manhattan.edu/pluginfile.php/26517/mod_resource/content/1/Gilligan%20In%20a%20Different%20Voice.pdf
    • Gilligan presents her analysis of the differences between ethical responses in young boys and young girls and she reinterprets female responses through the lens of what has become known as “care ethics.”
  2. Noddings, N. (2010). Maternal factor: Two paths to morality. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. Retrieved from the ebrary database.
    • Read pages 213-220 of the chapter titled “War and Violence.” In this essay, Noddings analyzes the relationship between masculinity, violence, and war and opposes a certain conception of masculine violence to maternal thinking in relation to these topics.


  1. Zúñiga y Postigo, G. (2013). How to write an argumentative essay [Unpublished work]. College of Liberal Arts, Ashford University, Clinton, IA.
    • This document explains how students can effectively present a philosophical argument.
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