week 6 discussion 74

Think of a change in your own company or a company with which you are familiar. Who were the stakeholders in this change? Discuss what concerns different stakeholders might have and how communication is needed to address those concerns.

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The most recent change in my organization had to do with the organizational structure. The leadership decided that there needed to be a big shift in how operations were being preformed. The organizational structure was flat.

The new change was to make it hierarchical. The reason that the change needed to happen was the enterprise is growing at such a fast rate. There was no ability to make sure that the standards were the same across the enterprise. The concerns of the other sites was autonomy. They want to make sure that they get the ability to have say in the policies and procedures created.

There were also feelings of uncertainty. This new change requires us to hire two new managers. This means that there will be some time where they will not have a manager at their site. This is leaving the team in a proverbial limbo state. New changes will not be made until the new manager is brought on board.

The need to eliminate doubt is the most important aspect of a good change management strategy. We have done this by providing support and interim policies that are rigid enough to provide stability. These policies are also flexible enough for the new manager to be able to revise when they get on site.

Stefani Alvarez

In a previous post I talked about how Blockbuster started to create a distribution system to keep up with Netflix, only for the shareholders to dislike the system due to its cost. The concerns these shareholders had was not unwarranted, as the system they had in place was costly. Not too long after the system was put into place the then CEO was fired and replaced, and the company declared bankruptcy three years later. These shareholders were one of the reasons the Then CEO was replaced, and why the next CEO decided to focus on the physical stores over competing with Netflix, which was the downfall of Blockbuster. If the lines of communication was open and well thought out, maybe the CEO and shareholders could have prevented the bankruptcy of the company by creating a different, more cost efficient system.

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