Week 7 Assignment Due: Feb 23, 2018 at 11:59 PM Provide a 250+ word response to the following question. Please separate your answers by the parts of the question. Playing off of the Wal-Mart Discussion Question, now go to the Wal-Mart corporate website: www.walmartstores.com (Links to an external site.) and click on the “Suppliers” tab, then click on “Apply to Be a Supplier.” Read through the material provided there and the “Standards for Suppliers Manual” on the Suppliers tab (Wal’Mart Standards for SuppliersPreview the documentView in a new window). 1. Look through the information on how to become a supplier to Wal-Mart here (Links to an external site.). Why do you think there are so many steps in the process to become a Wal-Mart supplier? 2. Would selling to Wal-Mart be worth the effort? Explain the pros and cons. 3. Back to our online debate, do you think Wal-Mart is “good for America?” Support your opinion with at least 2 pieces of information that you feel are relevant.

. Walmart has very stringent requirements for onboarding a supplier because of its reputation and brand name, it has to maintain its standards across its various categories. Though it might seem to be a lenghtly and ardous process from a supplier perspective it will definitely pay off int he long run as Walmart will erify them and it will enhance their brand value as well which they can use as a point to sell for others. Walmart is protecting the interests of itselfs and its customers by onboarding suppliers of a certain level of standards to maintain quality of customer service and without causing any disruption in its operations. In the light of this it is perhaps acceptable to have such steps for onboarding suppliers.

2. Selling in Walmart will certainly help because of its wider reach as it has almost close to 4000 odd stores in the USA (2017) alone and increasing gradually. Having this level of reach means more customers are looking at your products and the likelihood of buying them increases. Also, Walmart is a world renowed brand and enhances the reputation of the supplier as well.

On the cons of selling on Walmart we can start with the onboarding process itself which is seemingly tough and it Walmart takes time to execute on this. Also, we need dedicated resources to meet the production demands of Walmart to sustain their relationship which puts a strain on the supplier. Also, the pricing needs to be adjusted to acoomodate the discounts and offers provided by Walmart which can sometimes impact your margins.

3. Whether Walmart is good for America or not is debatable, it is good in a way that it provides thousands of jobs for its employees and its suppliers thereby contributing to the economy. It provides certain basic goods on a discount which makes it affordable to the larger masses hence helping them to have better quality of life.

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