what assumptions did you have about the theatre before completing this course did your assumptions prove true

Part 1

What assumptions did you have about the theatre before completing this course? Did your assumptions prove true? If not, how did your perceptions change, and what key elements could you point to which molded your new way of thinking? How do you view the theatre now? This is an opportunity for self-reflection–which is an important component of your educational process–so share these reflections with your cohort. Provide a primary post and two response posts.

Part 2

Instructions: Suppose that yourUniversity was considering doing away with all theatre classes, even for non-English majors. (This is not really under consideration, thank goodness! This scenario is hypothetical.) Your assignment is to write a letter to the President and Board of Trustees outlining the benefits of studying theatre, keeping our core values in mind. What have you learned about the theatre this term that could help you communicate the value of this ancient art form? How can you apply some of the skills of this craft to other areas of your life/career? How does participation in and patronage of the theatre reflect our core values? This is a persuasive piece, so make sure you support your claims with thoughtful details. The paper must be:


In 12-point font

Between 500 and 1000 words

While this is a letter, it should reflect standard essay form with consideration to purpose, question at issue, assumptions, etc.

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