What is important for an organization’s design to effectively adapt to its environment? where you support (and why), critique (and why) or expand (and why).

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it is important for the organization to design its business operations effectively to adapt in today’s environment because only then the organization will be able to function and will be able to serve their customers better. In addition to it, the organization should be able to imbibe new technological tools i.e. big data analytics, Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence etc. in order to understand the customers buying behaviour, identifying trends / patterns of how the businesses would be conducted in near future.

Secondly, the organization should have the capability to re-design its supply chain operations by identifying the gaps in their existing business processes and conducting SWAT analysis in order to find the problem at the grass root level. As in today’s era, organization has heavy invested in technology which in turn has raised the bars of supply chain management wherein the product can be tracked at the point of origin to the point of destination i.e. the end consumer, with the introduction of latest warehousing and transportation software system the organization can very well forecast, predict its inbound and outbound logistics at a click of a button.

Another important aspect for organizational design is the workforce diversity wherein the organization should encourage its workers to coordinate and collaborate irrespective of race, gender, place of origin. This approach will in turn help to foster an environment, wherein everyone is able to contribute to the organization at the best of their abilities.

Thus, as per my perspective, I truly support the above mentioned initiatives which play a significant role in redesigning the organization as per current scenario, so that the organization is well equipped to take strategic decisions and attain competitive advantage among its competitors.

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