what is the inter-locking and inter-relational in decision making?provide examples

Answer :

Decision Making Process: The decision making process is the process of making the necessary decision for the business needs, based on the facts and perspective of the organization. Decision making results in the go ahead directions for the business problem/query, by selecting the best solution to suit the stated business problem/issue/concern.

Interlocking and interrelation are the two perspectives being used in the decision making process.

Inter-locking Perspective in decision making: This is defined as the bounded decision making process in which each part or each element or each step depends upon the others. This decision making is constrained by many forces or by many variables. Thus the analysis of many forces or variables needs to be carried out before making this decision making.


Line Manager Decision falls under this category.
Engineer level decision falls under this category
Operator level /technician level decision falls under this category
Inter-relational Perspective in decision making: This is the decision making process which focus on planning and control process in the organization. This decision making process relates with the management functions/processes. It relates to all management process which includes setting objectives, planning process, organizational structure, staffing process, directing and management controls. So this decision making process involves all the key processes of the organization.

The name itself states that this decision making process is the inter relational process with all the key business processes and key business functions.


All the management decisions comes under the category of the inter –relational decision makings
All the senior management staff meeting decisions comes under this category
Plant manager committee level decisions falls under this category

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