What organizational communication theory does your current (or past) workplace represent? How do you know? Cite specific examples.

This is an example of a MNC captive organization. When this organization started its new set up in other country apart from home country. It was based on “Weber’s Classic Organizational Theory of Fixed Structures” by Max Weber, to outline organizational structure and the communication processes to be followed internally. This theory held good as the roles and responsibilities were clearly defined at each managerial level so that clear hierarchically organized communication should occur, without any confusion while sending message from top executive to the bottom level employee. Over the period (let’s say after 10 years), the MNC started exercising various powers internally which were practical but meek and conservative, which reflects the use of “Tompkins and Cheney’s Organizational Control Theory” and it is the extension of earlier theory by Max Weber. As this MNC grows, it has clear vision and mission. Everyone in the organization started understanding on what is expected of them with the real purpose of vision and mission.

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