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Critical Incident Paper

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify and apply the American Counseling Association’s, (ACA), code of ethics to group work.

Directions: To complete this assignment, you will need to access the ACA code of ethics. Choose one of the scenarios below, and after reviewing the facts, divide your paper into 3 headings, writing one paragraph response for each question:

  • Identify: What is the issue?
  • Summarize: Briefly summarize the ACA code(s) that address this situation. Make sure to include the code numbers. (Example: “ACA code B.2.3 states….”).
  • Act: What is the best course of action now and why?

Each section should be one paragraph. Simply answer the questions above in the space provided below. (No title page, abstract, or reference page). Your response should be no longer than 300 words total. DO NOT ADD FLUFF as you will lose points.

Scenario 1:

Jack is a new Licensed Professional Counselor, having just been granted his license two months ago. One of his friends mentions that an agency is looking for a counselor to lead a psychotherapy group for men who have been convicted of pedophilia. Jack has no experience in leading these types of groups, or with this population.Jack’s friend also informs Jack that no supervision is available at the site. Jack takes the job anyway even though he has no experience and no supervision.

Scenario 2:

Jane is starting a group for teenage girls who have parents going through divorce. Jane, wanting to get the group started right away, and worried that she won’t have enough participants, opens the group to all girls ages 13-15.Jane does not worry about screening potential participants though she does obtain written consent from all the girls’ guardians. Alice, a 15-year-old in the group who has struggled with depression in her past. This information is not known to Jane, as she did not screen for it. After one particularly difficult group, goes home and attempts suicide.Alice’s mother calls Jane angry and upset, blaming Jane for her daughter’s suicide attempt.

Scenario 3:

Delores decide to start a mixed group for divorcees. She carefully screens group members and obtains informed consent before beginning group. Six weeks into group, Carol comes to Delores and reports that one of the male group members has been making inappropriate sexual remarks to her before and after group ends. Carol reports she does not feel comfortable and is thinking of leaving group. Delores, unsure of what to do, decides to ignore Carol’s complaint. Carol soon drops out of group.

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