Whom is the policy intended for? Identify customers (internal, external). Whom is the policy intended to address?

2 Instructions

Final Project Instructions

Your assignment is to write a paper on how you would develop a policy (new or revised policy and specify which) to address an issue identified in a practice setting. This writing assignment should adhere to APA style and be between 3-5 pages NOT including the title page and reference list.

You are to delineate processes for getting the policy adopted and implemented within that practice setting. Using these “steps” as headings for your paper elaborated on the required items listed here.

a. Whom is the policy intended for? Identify customers (internal, external). Whom is the policy intended to address?

b. What are the customers' needs/wants? How will you identify these needs/wants?

c. How will the policy respond to customers' needs/wants? What does the policy and/or procedure provide for the customer?

d. What processes and/or procedures will be needed to produce results to meet customers'


e. Who will be responsible for implementing this policy – What actions are needed to

implement this policy? What is your institutions process for policy development and revision?

Consider and include, at a minimum, potential issues related to safety, culture, collaboration, finances, information management, and resource utilization, if applicable, when writing this assignment.

You must follow the steps identified above and support your narrative with evidence from the scholarly nursing literature. Preferably nursing journals, within the last 5 years.

1) Demonstrate the ability to develop a policy as a means of Quality Improvement.

2) Identify the critical components in developing a policy.

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