why did the roman and the han empires

First Read:

Class lecture Powerpoint on “Why did the Roman and the Han Empires..? ( I will upload the powerpoint for you)

Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. by Bentley & H. Ziegler (Chapter 11)

No OUTSIDE Sources


Form the readings I listed above, Analyze and fully explain how the Romans’ economy, politics, and cultures transformed from the time of the Republic to the end of Pax-Romana. In doing so, you should begin with the formation of the Roman Republic (how it functioned, discuss the famous Twelve Tables law, its judicial system, religion, its military and economic expansion.) Continue your discussion with the rise of Julius Caesar and the establishment of Pax-Romana along with its economical, societal issues (including religions) and also its achievements.

Third: Write an easy from answering in details the question above, and this is how you have to set up the easy organization.

Main Points to organize your essay

1. Political Structure

a) Monarchy

b) Law and the Judicial system

c) Republic

d) Authoritarian government under Caesar

e) Army

f) Military Expansion

2. Economy

a) Agriculture

b) Trade and trade items

c) Manufacturing

3. Social Issues

a) Religions

b) Education, talk about Cicero and Stoicism.

c) Status of women

d) Slavery

4. Achievements

a) Art and architecture

b) Network of Roads and their importance

c) Aqueducts

d) Inventions


Provide me with a similarity report (similarity report means when you send me a link to show me if you have plagiarized or not).

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