Why do you/they buy? Do you think people buy products or the ideas of the product? In essence, are products ideas?

I buy a product for the value it can add to my life. I do not buy a product for its brand name but for its importance in my daily life. Not all the products in the market can add value and we instead end up wasting time if we buy them for its logo or brand name. People these days are very smart and they have the ability to gauge a product for its value so ideas of the product are more important than the product itself. Companies like Microsoft can bring smartphones to market but still, people prefer buying Samsung because they know that Samsung has better features and the idea behind that product is more realistic and useful. So the idea of a product is vital in deciding whether to buy a product or not. Companies conduct a market survey before working on a product and the reason behind it would be to understand what is the idea that customers like and how the product should be to meet the customer demands. So if the product fails in the market then they have failed to understand the customer needs and what features they were expecting in the product. More than product, the ideas behind a product matters most.

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