With new emerging technologies, such as process modeling, workflow, and process automation organizations are increasingly able to receive information for real-time measurement, process execution and task management. Discuss the impact this will have on achieving business excellence in the future

Process improvement and automation with the help of technology is not a new approach, but the proposed intelligent systems of the future are expected to improve the effectiveness of businesses and lower the cost of processes than the current approaches. However there may be limitations.

Technology based automation has the potential to change how an organizations function. Core skills related to specific businesses can be handled with customized process automation using process knowledge, information from insightful analytics and modeling human performance. The benefits are going to be lowering of process costs. Some of the important outcomes of technology based automations are described below.

Diminished cycle times and improved productivity: Since the technology can process the information faster than the human reasoning, the automation can carry out the decision process faster and are not victims of fatigue. Machines do not require sleep, hence are available to process information 24/7.
Improved scalability and flexibility: Since the technological machines can handle huge amount of information and instructions, the operations can be scheduled or assigned dynamically. For example, an express requirement can be fulfilled without creating hassles in the system.
Improvement in accuracy: By relying on automation technology, the human errors are completely avoided.
Increase in employee morale and satisfaction: Since the fatigue oriented and repetitive tasks are delegated to the intelligent machines, the employees can attend to higher value tasks that trigger their interests.
Wide range data capture: As all the tasks processed in the system can be monitored and recorded, the data required for intelligent analysis is freely available and can be processed by applying specific statistical processes. The intelligent analysis can offer unique business insights and managers can work on it to improve the business.
By achieving the above benefits through automations, the business enterprises can provide personalized services and increase the range of services to the customers.

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