wk 1 communication self assessment paper

Wk 1 – Communication Self-Assessment Paper

Assignment Content

  1. Complete the DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment, located in the Wk 1 – Learning Activities folder.

    Read the results of your completed DiSC® Platinum Rule® Assessment.

    Create a 1,050-word communication style self-assessment based on the results of your DiSC® assessment and your own reflections. Include the following in your assessment:

    • Identify the different communication styles.
    • Compare the different communication styles. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?
    • Discuss how understanding your personal communication style, and the communication style of your team members, helps you to be more effective as a project manager.
    • Determine your primary and secondary communication styles.
    • Discuss the communication style that presents the biggest challenges for you.
    • Discuss the information on your DiSC assessment that was most surprising to you.
    • Identify one way in which you will adapt your communication style to be more productive.
    • Describe a real-life scenario in which you might apply this adaptation and how you will incorporate it into the situation.

    Assignment tip: All that you need for reviewing the communication styles can be found in the DiSC Results you receive when you take the assessment.

    Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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