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There are many places on the web where you can learn about Arsenal News 
Domata Peko Jersey , but you must be sure to look out for both legitimate information and gossip, and realize the News About Arsenal on Gooner News is not merely rumor but most of the stories are independently verifiable reports. Last season Arsenal conceded 44 goals; that’s more than Manchester City, United, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool or Everton. That they finished third is an impressive feat considering their defensive problems. That works out 1.15 goals conceded per game. The same stat for the two teams ahead of Arsenal equates to 0.76 goals per game for Man City and 0.86 for Man Utd. Many Arsenal fans might be able to admit that they are not quite at the level to challenge for the league title in their current state but were they to shore up the defense and diversify their offense then anything is possible. Last season they scored a reasonable number of goals but, ultimately, finished the season 19 points behind the champions.

When the English Premier League’s season came to an end 
Mike Nugent Jersey Sale , Arsenal started addressing their offensive needs and have made progress in upgrading their team. Going into the offseason, the Gunners were not sure about the future of Robin van Persie. The striker played for the Netherlands in the Euro 2012, and he now turns his focus to figuring out where he will play next season. He can choose to leave Arsenal, and if he does Arsenal will look to sell him to the highest bidder while he still has a year left on his current deal rather than lose him for nothing on a Bosman at the end of the season when his contract expires. By staying with the team, he would join up with some new members and definitely help the Gunners improve the depth of their offensive options. No matter what Van Persie decides, Arsenal has made significant changes in the offseason.

The team went after Olivier Giroud, and they have secured an agreement. With a four-year deal in place, they have a young player to turn to if Van Persie leaves. The 25-year-old scored 21 goals last season 
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