world religions travel show presentation islam powerpoint presentation

Religion choice is Islam.

Based upon the information you have obtained through your studies of World Religions so far, you are to develop a creative Travel Show Slide Presentation .


1. You are playing the role of a Human Aid Worker who is seeking the involvement of additional voluntary aid workers to accompany you on a special mission

2. Your research will identify a certain locale in the world where your team will render aide, and in order to do so well, will likely need to study one of the major World Religions in an effort to better serve the needs of the people in that region of the world.

3. Your presentation both invites participation, reveals the destination, parameters, and goals for the trip, and provides the information needed for potential colleagues to learn about the need and want to decide to go with you.

Your Travel Show Slide Presentation should include the following components:

  • The clear identification of (1) one of the World Religions we are studying in this course.
  • A purpose statement and objective for traveling to the region you identify and the reason for the study of the religion you introduce to your audience.
  • The identification and application of the most effective Method of Religious Studies to be used by your team (your course reading will bring forward some of these).
  • The significant role geography plays in the region and within this religion and the impact it has on the people in this locale.
  • Your goal is to examine this religion and area of the world in such a way to generate excitement and service opportunities for persuading people to partner with you as members of your Human Aid team in order to meet the need you’ve identified effectively.
  • Be sure to always cite your resources according to the MLA Citation format in your slides and through the publication of a Works Cited Page to avoid plagiarism. [You do have the freedom to use the formatting of your major, but make sure you’re careful to do it properly – Don’t guess]. MLA Guidelines

Power point Presentation

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