write a 1500 2000 word paper on a relevant hrm topic

Topics Ideas:

– Effects of rising minimum wages on both businesses and employees

– Potential HRM pitfalls related to the legalization of recreational marijuana

– The pros and cons of employees staying connected to their workplace after regular business hours through the use of technology

– Is the annual review an effective means of giving employees feedback, or are there more effective ways?

– Non-traditional working arrangements (working remotely, flex hours, etc.) and their effect on employees and businesses

– Non-traditional forms of compensation and their acceptance and effectiveness in the workplace

– Causes of the decline in the percentage of workers that are members of labour unions and the pros and cons of this trend

– The persistent wage gap between men and women in the workplace, the causes, what has been done about it, and what could or should be done about it

– The use of social media as a method of recruiting new employees

– The use of social media in the workplace and its positive and negative effects (on productivity, etc.)

– Employee engagement, its drivers and its impact on organizational success

In your paper, it is important that you not only identify the topic but also that you present the topic in more depth than is discussed in the text book. What are the relevant issues or controversies relating to the topic? What is happening with respect to the legislation pertaining to this topic? What is being done to overcome/change the issue? What are the employer and the employee positions with respect to the issue? What has been the history of the issue and what are the trends moving forward?

References- You research must include at least five (5) different sources of information (NOT including the text). References must be listed. Please cite a variety of sources (journals, articles, online) and not just online websites.

Format- Use APA format. If you are not familiar with APA format. Include title page and table of contents. Paper must be double spaced. Table of contents, references and appendices will be on top of the prescribed word count.

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