write a family health assessment using the friedman family assessment short form to guide this assignment this is a useful instrument to give you an overview of family functioning communication strengths and challenges

All the following information should be included;

Family Assessment findings:

Complete description of each of these processes: • Identifying data • Developmental stage and history of the family • Environmental data • Family functions • Family stress coping and adaptation • At least 20 sub categories discussed

Recommendations for health promotion or wellness interventions:

Two or more comprehensive and detailed recommendations/interventions for health promotion/wellness of the interview family is complete and submitted on time

Reflection and Conclusions:

Comprehensive and detailed description reflection and lessons learned.

I have provided the necessary info for this family health assessment:

Family Characteristics to use:

Grandfather born in 1941- retired car factory worker, suffered two strokes but can still ambulate, goes to rehab but not the recommended weekly schedule only attends every three weeks. Depends on grandson and wife to transport him.

Grandmother born in 1942- retired teacher, active community block captain. although retired she sometimes goes back to work not for the finances but just to stay busy. She suffers from hypertension. She works out once a week.

Daughter born in 1973- separated from husband in 2012, has their two daughters with her, born in 2009 and 2010. Daughter is obese but is actively exercising although struggling with healthy eating because of children and work schedule.

Grandson born in 1979 suffered recent loss of his 19 year old son and struggling to cope. He is actively in recovery from drug abuse. Has recently had to stop working because of work related injury.

All of the above live in one household. They are a close spiritual family with the grandson and grandfather having the closest relationship. The family is dealing with the grandparents moving out of state to live with their oldest child and whether or not the grandson and daughter will stay to take care of their home or move out of state also.

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