write a one page single spaced essay on the use of names as a thematic tool in the movie

Please Google PATCH ADAMS film and go to the bottom of their list. You only need to watch about an hour or so to get its humanistic meaning, but I am sure that once you start you will want to see the entire movie.

Pay particular attention to which character says the following: “You’re focusing on the problem! If you focus on the problem, you can’t see the solution. Never focus on the problem. Look beyond! See what no one else sees. See what everyone else chooses not to see out of FEAR, CONFORMITY, or LAZINESS. See the whole world anew every day. Yes, then you’ll be on your way.” Then this character renames Hunter with the name Patch.

This begins to introduce the importance of names and naming in this film and their connections to Humanistic psychology. As you watch the film, note all the plays with names by the different characters and their significance. Some characters use naming for anti-humanistic purposes; others to enhance humanity. How do names and naming perform this purpose? Please write a one page single-spaced essay on the theme of names in this movie to express humanistic and/or anti-humanistic psychology.

Review the text about Abraham Maslow and Humanistic psychology. Study his hierarchy of needs. Have you had peak experiences? What hinders you from pursuing your own self-actualiztion? How does renaming Hunter as Patch free him to ascend the hierarchy to find his own self-actualization? Some thoughts to consider.


1. Read and review text on Humanistic psychology.

2. Watch the movie PATCH ADAMS and note the thematic uses of names in the film.

3. Write a one page, single-spaced essay on the use of names as a thematic tool in the movie.

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