write a program in java c c python or matlab octave

4. Write a program in Java, C++, C#, python or MATLAB/Octave that calculates equation 2.1 in the text.

Use variable names that match the equation. Use comments that explain what is being done.


5. Write a program in Java, C++, C#, python or MATLAB/Octave that calculates equation 2.2 in the text.

Make use of the code in the previous problem, for example, by calling it in the process of calculating

equation 2.2.


10. Research the Fourier decomposition of a square wave into component sine waves, cite your source,

and write a program that adds a finite number of the sine waves and plots the results for one, three and

five wave components. Check your work by a google search on “Images for square wave Fourier series”.

Deliverable and submission requirements:

1. A zip file containing one word (or PDF) file, and all associated programming source code.

2. The word (or PDF) file should contain the answers to each problem properly labeled to clearly

identify which problem is being answered.

3. Name the Zip file yournameProject1.zip (e.g. jrobertsonProject1.zip)

4. The code should include header information explaining exactly how to run the program and

what programming language was used to test.

5. The document should provide screen captures demonstrating successfully running the programs

developed for this project. Each screen capture should be clearly labeled identifying what is

being demonstrated and which problem it is associated.

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