write a report 54

Before doing this homework, it is important to look at the book:The Goal which is attached!!!!!!!

Rubric is attached as well

This work asked for (in about 900 words):

  • Your opinion of what “the goal” is, and a brief description of Goldratt’s measures (T, OE, and I)
  • Identify what you feel are the three most important steps / interventions Alex’s team took to improve the plant. Identify how the steps affect T, I, and OE (if applicable). [Do not include the steps/ongoing process of improvement model]
  • Application: discuss how the concepts of the book might be applied to an actual process (e.g., in your firm, division, department, or group; or in a job you have or recently had; or in a company that you have visited). Identify the a) goal, b) how you would measure T, I, and OE in your example, and c) the primary constraints faced.
  • Finally, propose a solution(s) to break the constraint.

These guidelines focus on the third point: applying the concepts of TOC to an actual process in your department or organization, or to a process in which you are actively engaged. In writing about applying the book’s principles, be sure to:

  • Identify the goal of the process/organization
  • Define (for this process) T, I and OE
  • Determine the primary constraint(s) in the process
  • Identify possible changes you would recommend, noting how they “break” the constraint

In total, the ‘application’ section should be about 500 words. Feel free to use bullet points for the definitional elements; you can single-space these if you’d like.

The overall presentation/look-and-feel of the paper will also be evaluated.

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