write an essay 307


I want someone to write an essay about the topics in the bottom.

Please make the words easy as much as you can.

Thank you in advance.

II Essay Topics. Choose one topic to develop as an essay. To receive full credit your essay must include examples from at least 3 of the works listed below. The essay must also include an introduction, arguments supported with textual examples, and a conclusion.

Please explain your examples thoroughly, don’t simply refer to them. BE SPECIFIC. Give me a good idea of what happened in the story/movie/documentary and how it relates to your essay. Write as if I know nothing about it.

Works: Marco Turco Excellent Cadavers, Giovanni Verga “The Gold Key”, Luigi Natoli “The Blessed Paulists”, Maria Occhipinti“The Carob Tree”, Livia De Stefani “The Mafia at My Back”, Giuseppe Nuccio “Testagrossa Agrees”, Silvana La Spina “La Truvatura”, Maria Saladino’s testimony, Marco TullioGiordanaThe Hundred Steps”

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