write an essay analyzing the extent to which an improper implementation of information systems by target canada may have caused its failure

Part A (18 marks)

Target stores had a short stint operating in the Canadian market. Soon after opening more than 100 stores across the country, the company decided to close all of its Canadian operations. This decision made significant headlines in the news.

For this assignment, use information found in different news sources and using the topics on information systems that have been studied in this class, write an essay analyzing the extent to which an improper implementation of Information Systems by Target Canada may have caused its failure.

  • (6 Marks) With the information you collect from your sources, identify three (3) mistakes that Target Canada made with its use of Information Systems as part of the implementation of its stores in Canada.
  • (6 Marks) Explain what Target Canada could/should have done to overcome the mistakes/ challenges presented in question #1.
  • (6 Marks) Describe how the concept of a fully integrated:
    • Supply Chain Management (SCM) system and
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

should have performed for Target if it was implemented and utilized strategically/ tactically/ operationally as part of the business value chain.

  • Make sure you discuss the concepts of Business Value Chain, Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in your description.

Part B: (12 Marks)

Read the Case* below:

*This case was taken from the course textbook: Fundamentals of Information Systems, 8th Edition. Running Web Case.

Answer each of the following questions in two paragraphs each. Use your own words, no external sources to be used to answer these questions – other than the lecture notes, Supplementary Notes, and/ or text book:

  • (4 Marks) Discuss how the implementation of this ERP will enable Altitude Online’s future growth and success.
  • (4 Marks) Discuss 4 challenges that Altitude Online might face on the implementation of its ERP.
  • (4 Marks) Describe 4 methods/ approaches/ processes that Altitude Online should consider to overcome these challenges.
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