Writing Assignment Compare and Contrast World Wars I & II (Essay Sample)

Choose two of the three topics and write a one and a half page essay for each.
1. It has been said the Treaty of Versailles was nothing more than an “armistice that will last about 20 years.” Assess the validity of that statement. Be sure to focus on the provisions of the treaty and its effects on the interwar period, rise of totalitarian regimes, and how this affects a lasting peace.
2. Compare and contrast World Wars I & II. Be sure to focus on the causes of each conflict, major nations involved & their leaders, and the overall impact on world history.
3. Evaluate the political, economic, and overall legacy of the Cold War on World History. Make sure to include alliances, proxy wars, and main areas of conflict. You must also discuss which of the two global super powers you think is responsible for perpetuating the Cold War.


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