you need to read 1 10 files to answer 2 of 3 questions complete answers for two of the three questions each question 200 400 words

  • complete answers for two of the three questions
  • each question: 200-400 words

Question option 1

You work as a manager at a laboratory where medical tests are carried out. The work environment has risks as the technicians who conduct the tests can become infected if proper procedures are not followed.

Company administration have purchased surveillance camera equipment that includes with facial recognition functionality which will be able to identify employees as they arrive and monitor them as they work. This surveillance technology will be able to determine if employees have a temperature, and the system will create an alert so that these employees can be sent home or treated. This will reduce the risk of an illness spreading to other technicians. In addition, this technology can also be used to make sure that the technicians are in the part of the lab that is defined for their job. The system will also allow a supervisor to see if technicians are following defined procedures.

Because you are the manager of the technicians, company administration has asked you to determine how you plan to use this technology as a manager and evaluate how useful it will be for your job. Specifically, they want to know the answers to these questions:

  • How will this technology help you with your job, or will it?
  • Will you use all the features of this technology, and if not, why not?
  • What do you plan to tell the technicians you manage about what this technology is and how you are going to use it?

Question option 2

People your age, some of you are Millennial and some, Generation Z, are defined as having grown up with smart phones and spend a lot of time online through social networking sites or apps.

The idea of networked individualism claims that people your age have been forced to be more individualistic because of your technology use and, at the same time, forced to be networkers because of the disappearance of older social structures.

You are working in a company where you are asked to be on a project because you are young—a Generation Z person or a Millennial. The other people on the project team are all over 40.

One of the older project leaders says,

“There are two facts that are true about all young people today. First, they are always on their phones, and for that reason they have never had to be individuals. They have never had to make decisions for themselves. And, second, if you can figure out which people influence them and connect with those people, you can get young people to buy anything you want them to.”
Then this person looks at you and says, “Aren’t I right?”

From what you know of the networked world and from what you know by being a person your age

  • answer the manager’s questions.

Question option 3

Thinking about the topics we have discussed in class and those presented by you and your fellow students, what do you think will be the greatest challenge you will face working and living with Information Technology in the networked world in the next five or ten years?

  • Explain what the challenge you have identified.
  • Discuss the challenge you have identified as it relates both the world of work and the world of your personal life.
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