You want to investigate the specific effects of specific emotions on customers’ behavioral responses to failed service encounters across industries. Discuss the design decisions that you as a researcher will make to investigate this issue, giving reasons for your choices.

Ans: The design decisions for formulating the research should include following points.

1. Time and place of service failure.

2. Potential financial impact of the failure

3. Potential emotional impact of the failure.

4. Consequential damages of the failure.

5. Frequency of such failures with this company.

6. Perception of the customer about the company before failure.

7. Emotional maturity ( age) of respondents.

8. Gender of the respondents.

9. Which emotion is most prominently visible in the response.

10. The response of the service provider after intimation of failure.

11. How well the damage control was done by the company . How was the customer focus then.

12. Lawsuits resulted as a response to the failure.

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