Course-Long Project Charter (Wedding Plan)


Course-Long Project Charter (Wedding Plan)

The Charter should:

Follow the format as defined in the Week 2 Readings/Lectures for the “Project Charter Example” posted;
Include your goal or background; why you decided upon this project (charters only have one goal);
Include background, objectives, scope, key resources, milestones, costs/budget, and risks;
Have at least six items for all of the elements except background and scope.

See Attachment and add to it
Important note: All Projects need a closeout with an evaluation, so be sure to include this in your charter milestones.
This is the second phase of your individual project; you will continue to work on it, add to it, and refine it throughout this course.
Pages 78 – 82, plus lecture/reading will help. Again this must be detailed.
Reading/Lecture Overview
By the end of this week, students should:

Understand what a project charter is and craft a project charter
Identify stakeholders and how to form a project team
Relate the four functions of management to Project Management
Understand how to identify and combat Scope Creep
Know the foundations of risk management and constraints as they relate to PM

Readings & Resources

Please read Chapters 6-8 of the textbook
Take a look at the basic charter example provided.

Project Charter Template (DOCX)

Also, check the augmented lecture for the Week. It goes over a lot of these details and more.

Week 2 – Getting Off to a Good Start

Preparing the project

Ready Set Whoa.pdf

The importance of closing out a project

Harvard Business Review: The Four Phases of Project Management 


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